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World War II one American Navy warship carried a predominantly African American crew into combat. This is the true story of the USS Mason, Destroyer Escort 529, and her crew.

Tenth Anniversary
2007 marked the tenth anniversary of the website devoted to the Mason story.
The re-launch was dedicated to the life and career of Ossie Davis.

USS Mason Veteran Linden Kieffer at Norwalk, CT Memorial Day Event

Foundation remembers an experiment
The Bedford (VA) Bulletin

PROUD DVD review in the New York Times

Education Project - Learn more about USS Mason and African American history with these links and study guides.

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After almost ten years of effort, the story of USS Mason was produced as a motion picture.

PROUD ran in theaters in a number of cities in 2005 and 2006. It is now available on DVD as well as at Netflix and Blockbuster.

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